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Window World Color Collection

We know that when it comes to your home, every detail matters. That’s why we created The Window World Color Collection, an exciting selection of window color options and woodgrains to enhance the look of your custom-crafted window.  All of our high-performance laminates are fade resistant and last for years to come.

Our state-of-the-art exterior laminate technology is known for:

  • Matte texture, which imparts subtle elegance
  • UV-resistance for superior color retention
  • Weatherability, which stands up strong to extreme heat and cold
  • Resistance to cracking, scratching and chalking
  • Excellent resistance to dirt, chemicals and environmental pollutants
  • Resistance to salt air, making it ideal for seaside climates
  • 10 year fade-resistance warranty for exterior laminates, in addition to the window’s limited lifetime warranty protection.

High-Performance Exterior Laminate Technology

Developed in the 1970s and perfected over time, laminate technology has gone through various rigorous tests to ensure its long-lasting durability and beauty. Window World Color Collection’s triple-layer composition combines a transparent double layer of protection consisting of PVDF and PMMA materials with an acrylic base layer to give you a highly weatherable surface that increases the appeal of your home and never stops working for you.

We use primer on the back side of the laminate that we combine with a specialty polyurethane adhesive, which permanently bonds the laminate finish to the window substrate. This fully cross-linked adhesive keeps the laminate from separating from the window, even when exposed to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Windows

We are proud to go green. It’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Because the Window World Color Collection is already your color of choice and never needs to be painted, we are able to prevent the harmful toxins from paint, stain and other maintenance-related products from harming the earth.

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