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Replacement Doors in Baton Rouge, LA

Looking for new customized replacement doors to enhance your home? Window World of Baton Rouge is a preferred door provider to a variety of customers in Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas.

Replacement Doors That Make A Statement
Improve Your Home's Security, Appearance & Energy Costs
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Elevate your home’s look with our stylish selection of replacement doors.

Entry Doors

Your entryway is the first thing guests see as they approach your Baton Rouge residence, so make sure you’re giving a stylish first impression.

Patio Doors

Our Baton Rouge patio doors are constructed with an expanded glass area so natural light can filter into your space no matter the time of year.

French Rail Doors

Open up your home to the beauty of nature with French rail doors, an elegant addition to your living space.

What are The Benefits of Doors from Window World?

Surpass quality assurance tests to exceed industry expectations
Designed to boost your home’s overall value and curb appeal
Enjoy protection from the toughest outdoor elements
Lower your energy bills for year-round utility savings
Covered by our best-in-class limited lifetime warranty

About Our Replacement Doors

Exterior doors act as a threshold between the old and the new – a barrier that separates the comfort of your interior from the harsh elements of the exterior. That’s why we believe your entry doors should be durable, and complement your home’s interior and exterior.

Enjoy Comfort and Savings with our Energy-Efficient Replacement Doors

Like your HVAC system and your home’s insulation, exterior doors play a big role in your home’s energy performance. At Window World of Baton Rouge, our replacement doors are built with superior thermal insulation, low-E glass, tightly sealed weatherstripping, and additional energy-saving features to keep your home comfortable and your utility bills low.

Why Energy Efficiency Matters


Replacement Doors FAQs

What is the standard door size?

The standard door is 80 inches tall, 36 inches wide, and 1 ⅜ inch thick. Exterior doors are the same height and width but are 1 ¾ inch thick instead.

How to measure the size of a door?

To measure the size door that you need, start with the width of the door frame. Next, measure the height of the door frame. Afterward, measure the thickness of the door to get the full dimensions.

How do you paint a door?

To paint a door, you can remove it from the hinges or paint it standing up. The first step is to prime the doors. Then, you can paint the door.

Consider the time of year when you are painting because you don’t want the temperature to be too hot or too cold. When you purchase a door from Window World, you can choose from a wide selection of door colors.

When should I replace my door(s)?

The perfect time to replace a door is anytime it is damaged or your energy costs are too high.

How much does it cost to replace a door?

The cost of replacing a door depends on the type of door you choose. Please contact Window World of Baton Rouge for a free estimate.

Will a replacement door require a structural alteration?

No. Window World doors are custom-manufactured to fit the dimensions of your old door, allowing them to fit right into the existing space. If you would like to make your door larger, please discuss this with your Window World technician as that will require structural changes.

Will replacing a door require new locks?

Not necessarily. Many times you can transfer your old door handle and locking mechanisms into a new door.

Can a screen door be put on any door?

While screens may not be essential for all door styles, our patio door offerings are sold with screens, providing enhanced ventilation, protection, and privacy.

Does Window World offer screens?

To enhance air circulation, privacy, and protection, screens are included with our patio door styles. Please note that we do not sell door screens separately for our other door options. If you have questions regarding our door or window products, contact a Window World representative today!