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The Best Window Coverings for Your Guest Room

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Turning a spare room into a guest room and need some ideas? Or maybe you already have one and want to give it a refresh? While they’re easy to overlook, window coverings can really impact your overall guest room decor. Whether you’re considering guest room curtains, blinds or shutters, here’s how to choose the best option.

How To Choose the Best Window Coverings for Your Guest Room

Window with blinds and shutters

Every type of window covering has its own pros for guest room design. Rather than rule any option out, it’s more important to consider the benefits that each one offers. From accenting the room’s colors to offering privacy, here’s what to think about.

Pick Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are a great option for any guest. They’re perfect for providing a calming backdrop and complementing a lot of room styles. Of course, neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. There are a lot of blue, gray and tan window coverings that can pop with a subtle pattern or gradient.

Prioritize Privacy

Closed window blinds

Guests will feel much more at home if offered a comfortable, secluded place. Be sure to give them window coverings that are easy to adjust and can offer the perfect escape. For even more privacy, Window World windows help cut down on noise pollution so guests can enjoy their downtime even more.

Go With Good Light Control

For ideal comfort, go with window coverings that can really block light. Blackout shades, shutters and blinds can do the trick and ensure that guests sleep soundly. They’ll also be able to limit harmful sun rays that make their way into the room, though not as much as expertly constructed and installed windows will.

Opt for Energy Efficiency

Window coverings designed to be energy efficient can lower your electric and heating bills by upping your insulation. As an added bonus, energy-friendly coverings will also help regulate light. Even more crucial than window coverings, though, is having the right windows. The energy efficient technologies in every Window World window help keep heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer for optimal comfort.

Optimize Your Windows With Window World

No matter how you choose to outfit them, Window World can ensure your windows themselves are as high-performing and long-lasting as possible. Get started with your free in-home estimate today!