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Last-Minute Holiday Decoration Ideas

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It doesn’t matter how much you plan—the holidays can still sneak up on you. When you feel rushed or behind with preparations, it’s harder to enjoy the festive cheer of the season. By opting for some quick and imaginative solutions, you can save yourself seasonal stress. Here are some easy, last-minute ideas on how to decorate for the holidays.

Speedy Decorating Tricks

Let’s cover some of the quickest options at your disposal. Display instant holiday charm with these easy ideas:

What better decorations are there than presents? Put out real ones you’re planning to give or, if you’ve given your gifts early, simply wrap up any extra boxes you have. Want to be extra creative? Wrap up a painting or picture and hang it back up on your wall.Even if you don’t have festive throw pillows or blankets, there are plenty of colors and textures that can evoke a homey, rustic vibe that’s perfect for the season. For more at-home comfort throughout the winter and the full year, Window World windows help keep indoor temperatures ideal with less energy loss.
If you have a printer, use a site like Etsy to get high-quality holiday printables for wherever you need some flair. Alternatively, make your own paper decorations (perfect for a kid-friendly afternoon activity).Make some bouquets out of items from your own garden—the more festive the flora, the better! Or, take a quick trip to the store for some poinsettias, garland or winterberry branches. (If you use poinsettias, keep them out of reach of pets!)
Have a bunch of standalone items? Try creating a vignette (or, a small grouping of items displayed intentionally) to give them more oomph than they would have on their own. A mantel is a great place for one.While not decorations per se, holiday cookies are a surefire way to bring out some decorative flavor. If you’re having a party, desserts can serve as both treats and decor.

DIY Festive Ornaments

Do-it-yourself ornaments are the perfect excuse to get together with family or friends for some festive bonding. You can use any combination of options, materials and methods to create handcrafted ornaments:

Instant Wreath Alternatives

If you don’t have a traditional wreath or prefer a different direction for your current one, repurpose ribbons, bows and other items. Cookie cutters joined together, yarn-wrapped styrofoam balls, bundt pans filled with decorations—there’s no limit on what you can do. What about a wreath made entirely of candy canes, lights or even jingle bells? Your door can give your home even more year-round curb appeal with stylish, made-to-last Window World doors.

Creative Table Settings

Your table is the perfect place to experiment and combine different elements into one cohesive tablescape. Everything from cinnamon sticks and pinecones to candles and seasonal fruits like red apples—even ornaments that didn’t make the cut on the tree—can go in bowls or see-through containers. This allows you to incorporate items that wouldn’t work otherwise and really help them pop. You can also opt for a table runner of festive greenery or in a traditional red, in lieu of a more standard tablecloth, to bring it all together.

Quick Tree Decor Tips

Even a last-minute Christmas tree is inherently festive, but it can be even more so without breaking the bank or spending too much time. Tap into unconventional tree decorations, such as scarves or holiday cards, that are as memorable as they are personal. They don’t have to be typical to have a home on your tree. This is another great family-friendly activity to bring everyone together on a weekend afternoon!

Embrace A Stress-Free Holiday Season With Window World

Typical December troubles can be much more straightforward with these tips. To make sure that your doors and windows are at their best for everything from the holidays to summer get-togethers, turn to Window World of Baton Rouge. Schedule a free home estimate as the ultimate gift for yourself.