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5 Ways To Maximize Natural Light and Heat in Your Baton Rouge Home

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We’re losing more and more sunlight each day until December 21st. Optimizing the natural light in your home now can make a huge difference in how you and your spaces feel. Here’s exactly what natural light is and how you can best add it throughout your home.

What is Natural Light?

Natural light is any light that comes from the sun, in contrast to artificial light which comes from lamps and other human-made sources. In addition to making your home more welcoming, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, natural light:

How To Optimize Natural Light in Your Home

Vinyl Bay Window

While the amount of natural light in your home depends on how much sunlight is present outside, there are ways to improve how your home gets and uses it

1. Paint the Rooms

From the walls to the ceiling, paint plays a big part in how effective natural light is. A pale color scheme—including whites, light grays or light tans—can reflect and more evenly distribute light. You can also use shiny satin or semi-gloss paint types for better results.

2. Position Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors are great for bouncing sunlight to more concealed areas. Try to place them in spots where natural light hits strongly and routinely for the greatest benefits, like across from a window. Doing so can double how much natural light there is in a room.

3. Incorporate More Reflective Decorations

While they may not make as much of a difference as mirrors, decorations can also enhance indoor natural lighting. Simple changes like using more reflective picture frames over matte ones can have an impact. Reflective accents or finishes on common household items like kitchen cabinets can also help.

4. Consider Solar Shades

Solar shades for your windows allow more light than typical shades without the glare you’d have if you didn’t use shades at all. With options offering anywhere from 1-10% light filtration, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. It’s worth noting that they’re not ideal for privacy purposes, if that’s what you need from window shades. However, they’re perfect for welcoming natural light while discouraging feathered friends from seeing your windows as a viable flight path.

5. Rethink Your Windows and Doors

The right high-quality windows and doors are a great way to enhance natural lighting, especially when they’re cost-friendly and cost-saving. For both, Window World uses double-glazed, UV-filtering low-E glass. This energy-efficient technology keeps harmful sun rays out and cuts down on glare while allowing natural light in. We also offer window styles like awning and bay and bow that are specifically designed to maximize indoor natural lighting.

Make the Most of Natural Light With Window World

By catering to the unique needs of your home, Window World of Baton Rouge helps achieve the lighting, look and savings you want. Learn how much natural lighting can do for you with a free in-home estimate.