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How to Increase Your Bathroom Window Privacy

2 min read

Nowhere is privacy more important in a home than the bathroom. It’s a space that uniquely becomes whatever we need it to be: a room for preparing for a hard day at work or unwinding when it’s over, a place for five minutes of peace or a personal pep talk in the mirror. And while bathroom windows can offer natural light and views that inspire tranquility, they can also leave you vulnerable to nosy neighbors or passersby. So, whether you’re singing in the shower or practicing your pitch for a raise, protect your privacy in the bathroom with these four tips.

Try A Simple Shade, Blinds or One-Panel Curtain

Bathroom windows in regular shapes and sizes can be easily covered using a simple shade, blinds or one-panel curtain. Durable, waterproof options offer the most privacy protection while also withstanding the varying moisture and temperature conditions of a bathroom. Moreover, curtains and shades can be used to add color and texture to a bathroom without major remodeling.

Install Window Film to Tint Your Windows

Window film is a relatively accessible, affordable way to increase your bathroom privacy. Two-way window film can be applied to your bathroom window to alter the window’s reflectiveness. From outside the window, those looking in will only be able to see a mirrored surface, while the view from inside remains bright and transparent. For irregular window shapes, window film may be the best option, as it can be cut to fit the window. Window film is as effective at night as it is during the day, as the reflective quality of the film works with streetlights and ambient light in the same way it does sunlight.

Hang Macrame or Beaded Curtains to Add Interest and Privacy

Decor items can showcase your personal style while also covering bathroom windows. For bohemian enthusiasts, macrame hangings or beaded curtains can be installed atop the window frame to cover much of the window while also allowing sunlight to filter through woven openings or around beads. To let more sunlight in when you aren’t using the bathroom, simply tie the macrame hanging or curtain to the side.

Line Your Windowsill With Plants

Potted plants of varying shapes and sizes placed in your bathroom windowsill can brighten the space while making it feel more private. Select plants that thrive in low or direct light, depending on what direction your bathroom windows face and how much sunlight enters the space. For larger windows, plants that grow to greater heights or have broad leaves can occupy much of the space in a window. For smaller windows, a few fat succulents may do the trick. If you don’t have a windowsill, try hanging plants instead. Your plants will benefit from both the natural light and the bathroom’s moisture while keeping your privacy intact.

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