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Four Types of Kitchen Windows Trending with Homeowners

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially for Southerners. It’s where families gather over snacks or dinners, sharing stories about their days. Kitchens are usually bright and airy, and windows play a starring role, expanding smaller kitchens into a home’s central hub or adding visual interest to larger spaces. 

Beyond purely aesthetic benefits, kitchen windows can also bring fresh air in should you burn that popcorn in the microwave or just want to keep an eye and ear out for your children playing in the backyard. Learn more about our most popular window styles with Baton Rouge homeowners and how you can style them in your home below! 

custom vinyl windows

Custom Windows

Key Features: Expansive views, versatile design shapes and styles

Have a great view outside your kitchen? With custom windows, you’ll be able to enjoy them unimpeded throughout the year. Though custom windows do not open, the amount of glass space you’ll have available means an abundance of natural light pours in year-round. These windows are perfect as a highlight in your breakfast nook or as an interesting architectural detail in the window over your kitchen sink. The many shapes available mean you’re sure to find the right design for your space. 

White 2-Lite Sliding Window

Sliding Windows

Key Features: Easy-open appeal

If fresh air in your kitchen is a priority, a sliding window is your perfect match. Since they slide open horizontally on a track, you’ll be able to easily open them even in tight or hard-to-navigate spaces, like over your kitchen sink or beside cabinets and counters. Plus, with plenty of design options available, they’ll fit right in with your home and personal aesthetic. They can blend right in with the rest of your windows, too, since they can look similar to double-hung windows

Bay and bow window showcases winterscape from dining room.

Bay and Bow Windows

Key Features: Turns your kitchen into a showpiece

If you’ve got the space and want to make a statement, a bay or bow window adds style to the inside and outside of your home in one bold move. Bay and bow windows are a unit comprised of three or more windows—bay windows typically have one central window framed by two smaller windows, and bow windows have four or more equally sized windows in a row. These work well in kitchens due to the sunlight they bring into the room. Your plants and pets will thank you for the plentiful sun! 

Garden Windows

Key Features: A mini-greenhouse right in your kitchen

Nurture your kitchen herbs or other indoor plants with a garden window. These windows are three-dimensional, providing sunlight from three glassed-in sides to encase your plants in plenty of warm light without any of the wind, heat or cold, making this a perfect spot for non-native plants. Aside from the interesting architectural detail, it also brings a little more warmth into your home due to how the window is shaped. 

Choosing the Right Kitchen Window

What will work best with your space, your style and your needs? That all depends on a mix of the factors below: 

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Window World of Baton Rouge

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