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How to Fix Squeaky Windows and Doors

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There’s not much more casually bothersome than a squeak. And when it comes from windows and doors that may be frequently opened and closed, one small squeak becomes one big problem.

But there’s good news for homeowners—that pesky squeak is fixable! Follow our tips below for addressing the cause of your squeaky windows and doors and restoring peace and quiet to your home.

What Causes A Squeaky Window or Door?

Brand new products shouldn’t squeak, but over time, dust particles, rust and other residue may naturally build up in the hinges of your windows or doors. When you attempt to open them, those particles make it difficult for the door hinges or window wheels to shift smoothly. While it’s impossible to avoid particle build-up, including a routine hinge cleaning in your window and door maintenance plan can help keep build-up at bay and prolong the potential for a squeak.

How to Address A Squeaky Window

Consistent cleaning can help prevent a window squeak, but what do you do when the hinges have already started to squeak when moved? Let’s dig in.

1. Remove the Squeaky Window: From the inside of your home, remove the offending window to better view the window wheels emitting the squeak.

2. Examine the Window Wheels, and Replace Them If Necessary: Typically, a squeak comes as the result of extensive dust build-up. However, it’s possible that your window wheels are actually broken or corroded in some way. If so, simply pry them out with a screwdriver—they should easily pop out—and install new wheels in their place.

3. Thoroughly Clean Window Tracks: Remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated in your window tracks with a gentle cleaning solution and a soft cloth. It’s important to do this at both the top and bottom of the window. Allow the clean tracks to dry completely.

4. Apply a Commercial Lubricant: Spray the window tracks with a lubricant specifically designed to address squeaks. Let the lubricant sit for a while before reattaching the window you removed.

How to Address A Squeaky Door

Like windows, a squeaky door can be a sign of dust build-up. Door hinges can also loosen over time or be improperly aligned, which may lead to a squeak. Here’s how to fix it:

1. Tighten the Door Hinges: Examine the screws on each hinge and tighten them all. Make sure all the screws are inserted in the hinge at the correct angle to prevent any unnecessary friction.

2. Examine and Repair the Hinge Pin: Take a closer look at each hinge pin on your squeaky door. Do this one at a time to prevent the door from falling off its hinges. Carefully remove the pin and examine it for any rust or bending that may be causing the squeak. If necessary, replace your hinge pins with new, correctly-sized pins.

3. Lubricate the Hinge Pin: Using a small amount of grease, soap or petroleum jelly, lubricate the hinge pin for smooth replacement and ease of hinge use.

Explore Replacement Windows and Doors

While squeaky windows and doors are often easy to fix, a squeak may be a sign that it’s time to replace them. If you’ve had your windows or doors for a while, significant particle build-up may be difficult to address. Instead, explore budget-friendly, beautiful replacement products that look good and keep quiet from your local Window World!