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Vinyl Soffit & Fascia in Baton Rouge

Looking to add extra style to your Baton Rouge home’s exterior? Consider Soffit and Fascia from Window World to increase curb appeal and add lasting value.

What are Soffit & Fascia?

Home with vinyl siding and fascia

Fascia is an important component of your vinyl siding that connects your siding and your roofing. Soffit, on the other hand, is the exposed underside of a roof overhang, or eave. Both work to give your vinyl siding a clean and smooth appearance while doubling as a protectant against harsh weather.

Benefits of Soffit & Fascia

Let your home breathe

We know that in this Baton Rouge weather, it’s especially important to ventilate our homes to keep our attics cool and dry. Our soffit provides continuous airflow through hidden aeration. As a bonus, you can reap the benefits of ventilation without sacrificing style!

Ulta-Durable Design

Our unique lock design ensures that your soffit will never sag or cup, no matter how many years go by.

Easy Maintenance

Coventry.tifWhile real wood looks gorgeous on a home, it’s just not practical. Our vinyl soffit has the classic appearance of wood, but is made of weather-resistant vinyl to withstand rain, humidity and other severe weather. Plus, it only requires minimal maintenance like an occasional rinse.

Design Variety

Our high-quality soffit comes in a variety of colors that will look great on your home and will last you for years to come.

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